Slutkonference på Christiansborg 29. januar 2014

Få adgang til beskrivelse af dagen, program og tilmelding her.


WP4 report: Bike Infrastructures

A report from workpackage 1 -Bike Infrastructures – is now available.

The report presents a methodology and tools for mapping and evaluating the potential benefits of the implementation of bicycle infrastructure. The results will help to better understand what characteristics from a bicycle infrastructure are relevant to enhance cycling. Consequently, the findings will also help [...]

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Final Bikeability conference (in Danish): January 29, 2014

For adgang til dansk beskrivelse af dagen, program og tilmelding klik her.

The Bikeability project has come to an end. By the end of 2013 it is over.

All scientific and strategic assignments have been met. Final reporting – as well as popular and scientific dissemination – are in their final phases.

The conference of [...]

Check! The third yearly Bikeability seminar was conducted on Feb 26 2013

Nearly 60 planners, managers, consultants and researchers attented the third yearly seminar on the Bikeablity project. A main focus of the event was to start up the work on the coming knowledge portal for bicycle knowledge for Danish planners and managers. Follow the development at The seminar was conducted in Danish. The seminar was [...]

Bikeability at University of California, Santa Barbara

Hans Skov-Petersen presented the Bikeability project for the faculty at the Department of Geography at University of California, Santa Barbara on Thursday January 24 2013.

See the announcement here.

Download the slides (PDF) here.

Bikeability seminar February 26, 2013 (in Danish only)

On February 26, 2013 we are conducting our yearly seminar on the progress and results of the Bikeability project. It will be target at Danish planners and the future exchange of knowledge among planners and researchers in the field of bicycle planning. Accordingly the seminar will be conducted in Danish (Sorry, all you foreign guys [...]

Public midterm seminar conducted on December 1, 2011

On December 1 2011 the Bikeability project hosted it’s midterm seminar. 85 persones attended – out of which some 60 came from various state- and municipal institutions, NGO’s and private firms.

The detailed program has previously been published – downloaded here.

Download PDF’s of the presentation made during the course here:

Professor Gertrud Jørgensen, [...]

We did it: PhD course Cycling and Society.

Last week we conducted a PhD course – ‘cycling and Society’ with 15 highly motivated students from 10 different countries. It was a great group to work with. Thanks a lot, you fine young people.

If approval can be obtained from the contributors, PDF’s of the presentation made during the course will soon be published [...]

The Dutch Reference Study

The Netherlands have a tradition of high bicycle usage and a long history of research on effective policies for promoting cycling. This report discusses a number of Dutch case studies on the effects of investments in bicycle infrastructure. The reviewed studies include the three ‘classical’ cases in the 20th century: rather large investments in [...]