WP5: Planning Guidance and Dissemination

WP5: Planning Guidance and Dissemination

Coordinated by Simon Rask, DCS.

Continuous dialogue and dissemination towards potential end-users will be secured.

In addition to the expected scientific publications from each WP, a scientific publication that synthesises the findingof the project will be coordinated by  the project management. A web-based Comprehensive Planning Guidance will be developed and delivered to Danish city planners. The guide will serve as a repository of the concrete and conceptual knowledge developed during the project. The computerized service will be marketed by direct mail to all Danish municipalities and other relevant stake-holders. Further, a series of demonstration workshops will be conducted throughout the project. The project will organize yearly events, where the researchers (and when applicable members of the int. board of advisors) will interact directly with active city planners to ensure relevant feed back to the researchers, and to ensure the necessary sense of ownership among Danish urban- and transport planners to the project. These efforts will also be supported by a new section on the web-page cykelviden.dk with monthly news posts and an extended cykelviden-newsletter. Danish city planners already subscribe to cykelviden.dk. WP5 will also provide journalist expertise to researchers to facilitate dissemination of results in relevant popular and professional publications (for instance ‘Vej & Trafik’, ‘Teknik og Miljø’ and ‘Byplan’). Results will be presented at international cycle conferences (for instance ‘Velo-city global’ and ‘Cycling and society symposium’), and the yearly Danish national cycling conferences (arranged by Cykel Netværket), Trafikdage Aalborg and Dansk Byplanmøde. Furthermore international dissemination will be secured through a new European knowledge centre currently being established by Fietsberaad in NL together with the European Cycling Federation, I-CE and the new Cycling Embassy of Denmark.

On the national scene application of the projects’ results will ensure the relevance and positive effects of the activities financed by the newly established ‘Bicycle Billion’, and the increased activity funded by the ‘Bicycle Billion’ will be an important asset and motivation to our research.

We will reach urban and transport planners from Danish municipalities through the extensive dissemination efforts described above. They will be enabled to exploit research results in their ongoing efforts to facilitate increased cycling. The municipalities of Odense and Copenhagen are already committed to test and evaluate the research results for their planning purposes. Involvement of the Dutch NGO I-CE will ensure a similar linkage to public administrations in Holland.